Quick Look : Anderwebs “Freaky” Launcher *****

Quick Look : Anderwebs "Freaky" Launcher



Quick Look: Anderwebs “Freaky” ADW Launcher Preview

Posted by Jason Bowdach on November 3, 2010



I’m sure most of you have heard of the third party app ADW Launcher, or at least the developer behind it, AnderWeb. Less than a year ago, the ADW launcher was nothing more than an attempt at porting the launcher 2 from the newly released Nexus 1 to other devices running Android 1.6 (Donut). Slowly but surely, the project picked up speed, as Anderweb starting adding feature after feature (after feature).  Eventually, the launcher became so widely used that Cyanogen decided to incorporate into the ever-popular CyanogenMOD project. Although there hasn’t been many major updates to ADW recently (besides the introduction of themes a few months ago), AnderWeb certainly hasn’t been slacking.

Ander was nice enough to provide me with an alpha preview of his new “Freaky” update to ADW, and I put together a quick video to demonstrate some of its impressive features, specifically the new screen transitions. Please keep in mind, although my experience may have been quite positive with the test release, AnderWeb has stated that this is more of a test or “concept project” than anything else, and to expect bugs, crashes, and other quirks (which are typical in pre-release alpha and beta builds) and that these features may never make it into the released version of ADW. Judging from the video below, we can certainly cross our fingers though…….


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Jason is a technology and media enthusiast. He loves the Android OS, although his interests go far beyond the cell phone platform. He enjoys keeping himself up-to-date on the film and cinematography industry, as well as the ever-changing world of personal computers and gaming. He studied Communications – Media Studies and Organizational Psychology at San Diego State University, and is pursuing a career within the broadcast media industry. In his free time, besides playing with the never-ending supply of custom Android builds or theming, he enjoys caring for his 60-gallon aquarium, training his white-golden retriever puppy, catching up on quality films and TV shows, and playing the occasional video game.


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